Brandon Browner Sentenced To 8 Years For Attempted Murder

brandonbrowner – Brandon Browner was just sentenced to 8 years in state prison after pleading no contest to attempted murder … TMZ Sports has learned.

The former Seattle Seahawks star — an original member of the famed Legion of Boom defense — was accused of breaking into his ex-girlfriend’s apartment in La Verne, CA on July 8 and allegedly chased her, dragged her and then smothered her in a carpet.

I will always appreciate Brandon Browner for being in a Patriots uniform, in the right place at the right time, causing Malcolm Butler to intercept Russell Wilson at the 1 yard line, but now I will no longer acknowledge him as a functioning member of society because he was just sentenced to 8 years in prison for attempted murder.

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I am #done with murderers. I’ve spent far too much time cringing at my own tweets asking Aaron Hernandez to have my children to go down that path again. Add Brandon Browner’s story to the long list of domestic abusers who played a fruitful career in the NFL despite beating women, usually the ones they are dating.

Allow me to remind everyone of the worst human being in the NFL, way worse than Vontaze Burfict, who continues to play in the NFL and get respect from his peers and the league.

Terrell Suggs, T-Sizzle as he is so affectionally called, has a longstanding history of abuse towards his wife that the NFL has non surprisingly turned a blind eye to. According to records, Suggs “drove a car containing their two children at a ‘high rate of speed’ while she was being dragged alongside.”  In another instance, he threw a soap dispenser at her head, and held a bottle of bleach over her and their 1 year old son. The NFL has had plenty of time to investigate these charges, but with no video footage of any of the instances, Suggs continues to step onto the field and collect million dollar paychecks. Young Ravens fans actually wear Terrell Suggs jerseys and cheer for him on Sundays, despite what he represents and what he has done. What does the NFL have to say about that one? The day Terrell Suggs serves his judgement day will be one of my happiest, and I hope it takes Roger Goodell down with it.

But the details around Brandon Browner’s case are the type of stuff that would make Kareem Hunt look like an angel.

Luckily (sarcastically) for Browner there was never any video evidence released and since he was way past his prime anyway, this story sadly seemed to get lost in the shuffle. The NFL didn’t even have to get involved, they let the US legal system handle this one.

Brandon Browner–no longer allegedly–broke into his ex-girlfriend’s apartment back in July, chased her and shoved her into the ground, stole a Rolex from her and fled the scene. What’s even worse is that her children were present so he will also receive child endangerment charges.

So while somewhere in the world someone is adding a listing for Browner’s Super Bowl ring on eBay, he will be serving 8 years (minus the 300 days deducted for ‘good behavior’) behind bars in California. Thanks for the memories, asshole.




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