Two Eagles Fans Dressed As Steelers Fans At The Steelers Game Get In Massive Knockout Brawl in Stands

Nick Ru

These fucking Eagles fans will never stop!  I am disgusted by their actions and the way they portray the great city of Philadelphia.  The rest of these Eagles fans in Steelers gear are just trying to enjoy the Steelers game when these two morons from Oregon Ave, who are clearly massive Eagles fans dressed as Steelers fans, get in this huge brawl.  It’s just not okay.  Minnesota Vikings fans were right – something has to be done about the behavior of these Eagles fans.  I can’t take it anymore.  The Eagles fan in the Steelers hoodie just used his head as a weapon!  The other Eagles fan in the Troy Polamalu jersey took it right on the nose, got back up, and started swinging for his life.  He quickly took a massive uppercut to the jaw by the Eagles fan in the Steelers hoodie, and went back down.  Hopefully the Commish was watching and does something about these fans because, as we know, Philadelphia Eagles fans are the only fans who would ever cause issues at NFL games. Just look at those Eagles fans in New England dressed as Patriots fans who threw beer at Tyreek Hill.  All Eagles fans are alike!  GROSS! DISGUSTING! ANIMALS!!!  This video of these Eagles fans dressed as Steelers fans proves it.

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