The Office tells the story of the Final College Football Playoff Rankings!

Last week I gave you the reaction of the top 10 college football fan bases after rivalry weekend.

Now… I give you the Top 10 fan bases after Championship Weekend, and the final College Football Playoff Committee Rankings.

Here are their reactions shown the best may possible. With The Office Gifs.

10. Florida (9-3) Peach Bowl vs Michigan

9. Washington (10-3) Rose Bowl vs OSU

8. UCF (12-0) Fiesta Bowl vs LSU

(2 years in a row undefeated no playoff)

(But finding out they have to play LSU…)

7. Michigan (10-2) Peach Bowl vs Florida

After having a chance at the playoff..

6. Ohio State (12-1) Big 10 Champs. Rose Bowl vs Washington.

Stages of no playoff..


And finally..

5. Georgia (11-2) Sugar Bowl vs Texas

Thiiiiiis close.

4. Oklahoma (12-1) Big 12 Champs. Semi Final vs Alabama


“We have to play Bama”

3. Notre Dame (12-0) Semi Final vs Clemson

Open as -11.5 underdogs..

2. Clemson (13-0) ACC Champs. Semi Final vs Notre Dame

1. Alabama (13-0) SEC Champs. Semi Final vs Oklahoma

Almost lost to Georgia, but didn’t…

-Kmess “That Guy”

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