The Entire Season Is On The Line How Do The Philadelphia Eagles Beat The Washington RWords

Well we have reached the first “Loser leaves town” match for the Eagles.  Come to think of it if they do win, every single game with the exception of the Rams game becomes a loser leaves town match.  They’ll have to beat everyone (lose to LA) and hope the Cowboys lose another game.  Folks, we are at our darkest hour.  HOWEVER! None of that matters unless the Birds pull it out this week.  It’s a one week season right now.  No looking forward no looking ahead you have to win each and every week!  Let’s take a look at how the Eagles get it done this week.


Is this the most obvious thing any Eagles fan has said all year?  Every single one has been saying start fast!  Even the idiots that call into WIP “Gotta start fast Ang!”  the morons that call into 97.5, “Mikey Miss this team starts to slow, gotta start faster!”  Even those jagaloons know the Birds are starting games slow and they have to pick it up.  Facts are facts, the Eagles have been dreadful scoring points in the first quarter and not only the first quarter the entire game!  They are currently ranked 24th in the NFL in points scored only 9 more than the lowly Jets.  If you want to get things like that fixed they need to do it off the jump.  Take the ball and score, hell give me at least 3 on the first drive and I’ll give a golf clap.  That’ll be the first thing I and everyone should be looking for tonight because, well it’ll be the first thing that happens in the game.  Slow first quarter expect it to be a long night folks.


More obvious statements but with a different twist.  Yes you need to run the ball to win, Wentz is 20-5 when the Eagles rush for over 100 yards… 20-5!!! Josh Adams is a guy that can go out there and get you those yards.  Fun fact even though he didn’t run at the combine, if you factor in his pro day 40 with all the backs at the combine he had the 5th fastest 40.  He can run, he is big, he is strong.  Let him go run the ball.  Give Wentz a balance that he can work with.  Play action pass on 3rd and 7 when you run the ball 8 times isn’t going to fool anyone and is getting your QB destroyed.  Threats are only threats when you take action.  Make the run a threat.. It’s time for the Eagles to make running the ball great again, and start that with Josh Adams.


Wow am I just going to state the obvious, yes! Can we start to get some turnovers on D?  This is getting god dam ridiculous.  I know they had a nice Pick on Eli but let’s be honest for a minute.  That was more about Eli being Eli and not about the Eagles D.  Malcolm Jenkins could have called a fair catch if he wanted too.  The Eagles are 28th in interceptions with only 5 for the year!  You want to help this offense start to score give them short fields.


More of the same.  The Eagles have had so many problems getting off the field on 3rd and 4th down.  Let’s not get into the fact that two games were lost on giving up a 4th and 15 and a 4th and 10, but they simply can’t get off the field on 3rd and long sometimes.  The Cowboys game may have been lost on giving up a 3rd and 15 only a minute before halftime.  Not forcing turnovers is one thing, but not being able to make stops on 3rd and 4th and long is a joke and makes me want to puke, fix it and fix it now.


I can keep going on and on before I get to my final point about the obvious things the Eagles have to do but it’s all stuff we know.  It’s nothing new.  They need to run the ball, they need to have balance, they need to get turnovers and get off the field on 3rd down.  They need to get tot he QB and create pressure and blitz this is nothing ground breaking. We are all aware of what the Eagles don’t do well and quite frankly, they just don’t play football well.  Everything you need to be good at, like the obvious stuff they’ve been bad at and that is why they are 5-6 instead of at worst 7-4 heading into a big week 12 divisional match up.  That’s what happens.

Last but not lease…


The Eagles offense has been vanilla ice cream.  I like Vanilla ice cream but, you always know what you get with vanilla ice cream.  It’s boring, it doesn’t excite anyone, they know what it is.  It’s not a surprise and it is the same thing over and over again.  The Eagles need to get creative on offense.  They need to get some Ben and Jerry’s flavors going on.  Maybe some “Eagles midnight green chlorate chip chunk”  I’d like to see some “Josh Adams cookie dough disaster for defenses” give me some of that “Golden Tate Touchdown Tango”  Let’s get creative out there, shock people do something different don’t be predictable.  It’s never a good sign when I’m on my couch saying “Run up the middle, run to the right, screen to Golden Tate on 3rd and 13.”  For the love of fucking god stop running screens on 3rd and long.  Time to get creative and show everyone that “Fearless” brain.

Theres not much to it folks.  It’s all very obvious what the Eagles have to do to win tonight.  Play good football and spice it up a little bit.  The Rwords are on a back up QB, missing a small village of O-lineman, you blitz all night!  You blitz some more and don’t let up.  If Colt McCoy comes into Philadelphia and wins we fold the franchise.  Season on the line folks.  Let’s get it.


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