So You Need To Pick An XFL Team To Root For? I Can Help

Nick Ru

The XFL has decided on seven of eight XFL cities and you’re going to want to figure out who to root for.  Bad news Philadelphia – as of right now, you didn’t make the cut.  The other three NFC East cities did, however, because they need something to root for.  New Orleans?  Nope you’re out too! Sorry!  Vince McMahon only promotes safe, hard-working, classy, family cities like L.A.  Yup, L.A. made the list.  Let’s take a look at the seven cities with one still to be announced.

L.A.- Not really a surprise.  L.A. is a big market.  They have about 293 professional sports teams there and people love the SoCal life.  My only question is if Rams and Chargers games have more opposing fans attending, what is the XFL’s L.A. team going to have?  Sorry L.A. XFL team, we rebuke you.



Houston- I mess with Houston.  The Oilers are one of the nicest uni’s of all time.  I never had a problem with Houston.  Andre Johnson was awesome.  I like Watson.  I’m all for the Houston XFL team.  It’s a cool city, and I never heard a bad thing about it.  JJ Watt may be a hardo superman wannabee, but I guess he’s pretty cool.  I can see myself becoming a Houston XFL fan.  They are on the list as of right now.

New York- 


Seattle- I don’t care much about Seattle, I never got Seattle.  They lost a basketball team and I just don’t care for them.  I do like Starbucks though, so that makes things kinda easier.  Anyway, nothing against Seattle, but I wont be rooting for them.

Tampa- I don’t think I can ever root for a Tampa team.  Tampa is good for two things:  Hulk Hogan and strip clubs.  That’s it.  That is literally all they do.  I can’t root for them based on that alone.  I refuse and rebuke Tampa, as well.




Those are the 7 teams that we know the XFL will have.  They are rumored to be adding St.Louis as the 8th team, and if that is the case, fuck them as well.  Not rooting for those cockroaches either.  We have to wait and see who the 8th team is though, before I can make a decision for all of you on who to root for.  As of right now, we are Houston XFLers and that’s how it’s gonna be until further notice.

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