Hot Stove: Phillies Make A Move



Hot Stove SZN is officially underway, and the Phillies find themselves right at the forefront.

The Seattle Mariners are in full fire sale mode, and according to multiple reports, they have two trades agreed upon, both of which impact the Phillies.

The first deal is with the Mets as they are reportedly sending Robinson Cano and closer Edwin Diaz to New York…..

…and the second deal has them sending all-star shortstop Jean Segura to Philadelphia…


Done deal? 

This trade has yet to be made official, but according to multiple reports, it is 100 percent agreed upon.


Who’s involved? 

It seems like there are a lot of moving parts in this deal.

The names we know for sure are Jean Segura, Carlos Santana and J.P Crawford.


Jim Salisbury is speculating that the Phillies will be getting Segura + a pitcher or two.


One of those pitchers could be reliever Anthony Swarzak, who is being sent to Seattle from the Mets in the Cano/Diaz deal.

The 33 year old Swarzak is owed 8 million for this upcoming season and would seemingly be thrown in to offset some of the money owed to Carlos Santana.

After a solid 2017 where he posted a 2.33 ERA over 77.1 innings, Swarzak struggled mightily last season in New York. He posted a hideous 6.15 ERA in just 26.1 innings of an injury plagued season.

However, Jayson Stark is thankfully saying that is not the case..


Stark is also saying that the Phillies will keep their top pitching prospects in this deal …


Again, a lot of moving parts, so we will update this article when things are made official.


Jean Segura

Let’s start with what the Phillies are actually getting….

– Two time all-star (2013, 2018)

– Batted .304 with 10 home runs, 63 RBIS and 20 stolen bases in 2018

– In 2016 he led the NL with 203 hits

– Over the last three seasons he has batted, .304, .300, and .319

-He can play both shortstop and second base



Segura is a MAJOR upgrade from what the Phillies got out of the combination of J.P Crawford (.214 AVG) Scott Kingery ( .226 Avg) and Asrubal Cabrera (.228 Avg) from last season.

Addition by subtraction 

It’s not a great sign that after only one season Matt Klentak is trying to get rid of his first big free agent signing at all costs. BUT, at least he is admitting that signing Santana was a mistake.

Ridding this team of Santana is almost as important as adding Segura. This will finally allow Rhys Hoskins to go back to first base!!! (I think.)

What’s next ?

Depending on how this deal looks once it’s made official, this is a pretty good start to the offseason for the Phillies.

However, it’s only a start.

As much as I like this move, it doesn’t have me going to and purchasing a season ticket package.

There is A LOT of work that needs to be done.

The Segura trade will check off boxes 4 and 5, which again, is a very good start.

But I want more.

Now that is a plan that I can get behind.

The MLB winter meetings kickoff Sunday, December 9th. We should see some fireworks throughout this week and next.

Stay tuned…


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