A Glass Case of Emotion: 8 Thoughts on the Bears Loss to the Giants


Like Ron Burgundy in Anchorman, I was in a glass case of emotion during yesterday’s Bears game.

I was dead during the game. Came back to life when the Bears brought it back to 27-27. Then dead again when they lost in OT.

I’m happy to say I’ve cheated death twice in the past 24 hours, and I’m back to write my thoughts for Branded Sports.

I think the Bears looked ahead to the Rams: Ok I’m not in the locker room, I’m just a fan, all that etc. However, I think the Bears looked past the Giants yesterday and onto their Sunday night matchup with the Rams. With how batshit crazy the NFL has been this year, every week is no guarantee and there really haven’t been any “gimme” wins. Maybe the boys got a bit cocky, and it made them pay.

They were doomed from the start: As soon as Papa Chase Daniel threw a pick-6 on the opening drive to Alec Ogletree, I heard a collective “oh, fuck” while sitting in my apartment back home in Chicago. Everything just seemed doomed from the start. I don’t believe in voodoo, but something was just off with Nagy’s crew.

That damn timeout: I still live and die by Swaggy Nagy, but he made arguably his most “what the hell was that?” call of the year taking a timeout before the end of the second half. This then lead to Saquon Barkley getting a bunch of yards on a handoff against a sleeping defense which THEN lead to an 8 yard gain on 4th down which THEN lead to a field goal to make the game 14-10 to close the half. The more I think about it, this sequence of plays may have been the bigger momentum shift than the opening drive pick-6. Lesson learned for Swaggy Nagy (I hope).

Biggest winner of yesterday’s game?: Mitchell Trubisky. This game finally confirmed to all the meatball, call-into-670 The Score-and-say-dumb-things Bears fans that the Bears really are better with Mitchell Trubisky. Everyone who called for “Daniels” to start over “Trubinsky” won’t call in and say they’re wrong, but I’ll call them out here for how dumb they’ve acted. Anyone else catch Mitch’s expression the entire game? Based on the face he was makinge, something tells me he could have played yesterday. All retrospective thinking, but what ya gonna do? I think 10 God will come back with a vengeance.

The defense fell flat: Lost in all the drama of yesterday’s game was the Bears defense. The dominant bunch started off with a bruising first half, yielding only 3 points to the G-Men and giving up 100+ total yards offense. The 2nd half? All hell broke loose and Saquon Barkley and OBJ decided to take over – that damn pass. I have no idea why this unit lets their foot off the gas pedal sometimes, but they did it again and it bit em in the ass.

Bears officially have 5 running backs: Shout out to Akiem Hicks for officially being the 5th running back behind Jordan Howard, Tarik Cohen, Benny Cunningham and Taquan Mizzell Sr. While yesterday sucked hard, I loved the dive play from the big man Akiem Hicks. Call me a mind reader, but I said #96 should be called The Freezer. What did the play call turn out to be? “Freezer Left.”

And Tarik Cohen is QB4: I gotta say, I was inspired by how much ass Tarik Cohen kicked yesterday. He put big game numbers and came in clutch for the Bears in their attempted comeback. I was calling for him to play QB on the final drive in OT after his laser to Anthony Miller and maybe I’d be writing a victory piece if that was the case.

Thank God the NFC North shit the bed: While it would have been nice to wake up this morning at 9-3 with a 2.5 game lead on the Vikings, the Bears picked a good time to beat themselves. The Vikings, Packers and Lions all lost yesterday, which didn’t change the Bears’ math to the playoffs at all (at least I think, I’m no metrics guy). The Vikings are looking less impressive by the week, the Packers fired Mike McCarthy and installed Joe Philbin Aaron Rodgers as their interim head coach and the Lions are once again the Lions. Time for our guys to hit the reset button against the LA Rams at home.

I’m rattled but not beaten – this is a young squad who has shown they can bounce back and there’s no better time to do it than against the Goliath of the LA Rams…at home…and in Bear Weather (more on that later this week).

Bear Down, people. And as always, buy a shirt.

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