Stephen Curry’s Response to 9 Year Old Girl Who Wants To Buy His Sneakers.

Pro athletes receive letters from fans all the time. If they happen to respond, it’s most likely a long shot but this past week, Stephen Curry received a letter from a 9 year old girl basketball player and what came next is basically the reason why everyone loves Stephen Curry.

9 year old, Riley from Napa, California wanted to get a pair of Steph Curry’s new basketball shoes, but the Under Armor website only had them for Men and Boys. She decided to write the pro basketball star a letter as her way to help make a difference for girls who want to “rock” his shoes too. Here is her letter:


Riley’s father posted her letter on his Instagram page saying he was proud of his daughter and with that, Riley’s letter went viral. People were retweeting it and reposting it asking Steph Curry if he could help in any way.

So, Stephen Curry being the stand up guy that he is, responded to Riley:


In his response, Curry said they’d labeled smaller sizes as “boys” on the website, but the company was working to fix it. He also sent Riley a pair of his Curry 5 shoes and promised her a pair of the Curry 6’s when they came out. AND he invited her to Oakland for “something special” on International Women’s Day on March 8.

Curry has always been an advocate for gender equality as he is a father of two young daughters and runs an all girl basketball camp. THIS just solidifies his cause and is also proof that some pro athletes really are great people, too.

Under Armor has since fixed the issue and now the Curry 5’s can be purchased in the “Girls” section of the website!

Image-Under Armor

A message to young Riley-YOU GO GIRL!

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