Don’t You Dare Touch Rudolph

I have sat around and watched pussies get their way for too fucking long. The socially charged get their panties in a bunch about things, and while there are some great causes(#MeToo and others), too many times do these SJWs go too far and start attacking things we all have loved.

Last week it was Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving Special is now racist.

Now they want to attack Rudolph? Get the fuck outta here. No one is attacking my man Rudolph.

Beta males who were picked on as a kid but never grew a sack to defend themselves help push these narratives.

Rudolph is a success story. He was ridiculed, he was tossed aside, he found friendship, he then he saved mother fucking Christmas and then this badass got the Girl. His story teaches a lesson that even though the world may be cruel, there’s a place for everyone and it sometimes just takes time to find what that place is. We need to stand up and explain to these people that enough is enough. The world is not this pussy poot place that you want it to be. The world is dark, it is mean, and it will eat you up and spit you out if you don’t have the cajones to stand the fuck up to it. Rudolph is my spirit animal man. I was picked on. I prospered anyway. To all you SJWs: Stay the fuck away from my mans.

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