TMZ Just Published Video Footage Of Kareem Hunt’s “Incident” And It’s Disgusting – TMZ Sports has obtained video of Kansas City Chiefs star running back Kareem Hunt shoving, bull-rushing and kicking a woman in a Cleveland hotel back in February.

Kareem has not missed a single game this season despite the incident happening MONTHS before the 2018 NFL season kicked off … and team CEO Clark Hunt publicly stated in August he doubted Hunt would be suspended.

TMZ just posted video footage of Kansas City Chiefs running back physically fighting a 19 year old girl from the reported incident from February and it’s honestly really hard to watch.


To be serious for a second, I’m really fucking sick of watching this happen over and over again. Why do we need video footage evidence for the NFL to take these things seriously? This girl is 19 years old. I could throw up.

Every single person involved in the NFL from owners to ball boys needs to take a step back and really consider what they care about in life. They’re continuing to show our moms, daughters, sisters, wives, girlfriends and female NFL fans that until video footage is released, the product on the field is more important.

Kareem Hunt and Tyreek Hill may be electric on the football field, but they don’t deserve to play in the NFL. The league has no history of handling these issues the way they should and I have no expectations of it starting now. But something needs to change–with or without video footage. So far, no comment from the NFL. We’ll be waiting.