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Tinder Bumble Chronicles

Happy Friday. Welcome to another edition of your favorite weekly blog. Safe swiping people



Never wanted to be a watermelon more in my life







Annnnnnnnnnnnd swipe right



Well happy hunting Bre. Good luck to you and your baby daddy



Christmas is so close, Santa trying to just get some love



Jesus Keira



Have to feel for this girl. Just looking for some genitals to rub up against



Meghan throwing this dude in a body bag



Talk about Happy Valley. Amirite???



Didn’t even notice the thighs, now it’s all I see. And yes, I’m a little upset



Science bitch



It’s not



Lisa might not be 20 but she definitely fucks



Can’t imagine this went well



I mean…..fair is fair



This week’s cheater. The girl who says she isn’t here to cheat but is 100000% cheating



Once again



Tough day for Haleigh’s dad



Being humble is for the birds. You do you girl


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