Public Service Announcement: Philadelphia Need’s To Let Getting A “Philly Guy” Die

This needs to be said and needs to be dead.  We as a fan base need to stop saying “I want him he’s a Philly guy”  Let it die, end this now and say it no more.  Philly guy’s are not the answer to winning, they are not the answer to success.  Philly guys are dumb and cavemen who shoot first and ask questions later.  You know what I want?  I want a smart guy from wherever he’s from who know’s how to create a mismatch at the wideout position.  You know what else I want? I want a coach who can put a great first line together that scores 2 goals a game and a 3rd line who can’t be scored on.  I don’t want these “Philly guys” who can’t create a blitz package that works and thing getting the strongest and biggest guys wins games.  Philly guys don’t know what speed is they run head first into a situation and miss 3 weeks with a deadly concussion.

You want to know some of the all time “Philly guys”  Zack Rinaldo, he sucked didn’t do a damn thing for us except lose fights.  The Schenn brothers, HUGE Philly guys who didn’t do much other than give up odd man rushes and take dumb penalties.  You know who wasn’t a “Philly guy” Chase Utley, sure he played hard and sometimes on the edge of clean but he was smart.  He knew what to do at all times, he is a Cali boy who played in a Phillies uniform.  You know who else isn’t a “Philly Guy”  Jimmy Rollins, a great player who did his business and will go down as an all time Phillies player.  He didn’t play dumb or get angry and scream and yell he was just smart and talented.

Do you fucking people see the picture I’m painting?  Philly guys are dumb, they don’t win.  They hit hard and get loud cheers but that’s it.  Brian Dawkins the iconic hero of Philadelphia, NOT A PHILLY GUY!  He was a tough talented and smart man from Florida, who knew when he had to hit hard and hold back.  He wasn’t a caveman he has a brain but because he hit hard people stand up and yell.. “Aww yeah yous see dat BDawk mayne he is the ultimate Philly Guy, yous see dat hit right thur”  You people make me sick.

No, he’s just tough and would do the same in any uni! SHUT THE FUCK UP MATT!

Yes, the most important thing about a top 5 player in baseball is to see if he is a FUCKING PHILLY GUY! YOU FUCKING MORON KILL YOURSELF!

I agree watching Dario shoot 3-15 every night from 3 was so fucking Philly!

He’s a Philly guy!?! He fought as a goalie! Cant fire him!

Just suck a dick

I hope someone throws Jared in a wood chipper.

No he is a talented beast, has nothing to do with Philly.

I can’t take much more of this Philly guy bullshit, it has to stop.  No more, I am done with it and I don’t want to hear another word on the matter.  Let it be known, scream it from the rooftops! November 30th 2018 “Philly Guy” term is dead.  It’s over no more, the end.

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