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Lacrosse an Olympic Sport?!

Lacrosse took a huge step toward Olympic inclusion today.  LFG!!

This is dope.  I love lacrosse and I love America.  So if lacrosse gets added to the Olympics, I will be in fucking heaven for two straight weeks.

The Olympics are awesome, but there are so many dumb sports that were included before lacrosse.  I mean, come on… lacrosse is the oldest sport in America.  It shouldn’t have taken this long for the IOC to consider it.

Here is a list of summer Olympic events that lacrosse is better than:

  • Canoe Slalom
  • Canoe Sprint
  • Road Cycling
  • Track Cycling
  • Equestrian / Dressage
  • Equestrian Eventing
  • Equestrian Jumping
    • THREE separate equestrian events?  You have to be kidding me.
  • Fencing
  • Rhythmic Gymnastics
  • Handball
  • Marathon Swimming
  • Rowing
  • Sailing
  • Table Tennis
  • Regular Tennis
  • Trampoline Jumping
  • Volleyball (men’s)
  • Water Polo

Welp, here’s to hoping that the fastest game on two feet gets added to the Olympics.

I also don’t know if I mentioned this, but it is confirmed that lacrosse players make the best lovers.  Just saying…


Featured Photo – Inside Lacrosse



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