Kareem Hunt Update: Police Body Cam Footage

Joe 1

Before you see this footage I just want to say Kareem Hunt should be banned for life. I agree a billion percent with Ali. You want to stop domestic violence from NFL players, take away their right to be NFL players.

Also if you make points like this, please stop following our site. I don’t care what side of the political fence you stand on. If you can defend these types of actions you can shut the fuck up forever


One thought on “Kareem Hunt Update: Police Body Cam Footage

  1. This isn’t domestic violence. Kareem didn’t know this woman, who, according to his friend, attacked Kareem’s girlfriend, called them the n-word, hit Kareem in the face, and broke his chain. Did you watch the footage you posted?

    The only thing America likes more than demonizing black men is demonizing black men when white women are injured.

    Reverse the roles: a drunk young black man is kicked out of a white 19-year-old female professional athlete’s hotel room, bangs on her door for half an hour while hurling racial slurs at her after having been told to leave multiple times (and after having been given money for an Uber), punches her boyfriend after he advises that he leave, then hits her in the face after she shoves him.

    Kareem is not Ray Rice, Josh Brown, Tyreek Hill, or Greg Hardy. This was not his girlfriend, and this was not an act of unprovoked rage. He was in the wrong, yes, as he has stated. But your vitriole towards him as though he were the embodiment of domestic violence in professional football is misplaced.

    All the same, security should have been called, and that should have been the end of it.

    Full disclosure: I am a longtime Chiefs fan, and I can’t pretend to be unbiased in this instance.

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