I Believe in Papa Chase Daniel

I’m not gonna lie, I was realllly hoping Mitchell Trubisky would be back this week after his shoulder injury (thanks again, Harrison Smith).

Sure, the Bears are playing a suspect Giants team this week, but I wanted a warm up-comeback game for QB10 before the Bears play the Rams at home on Sunday Night Football (a game we’re gonna shock the world in, by the way).

And immediately after the Bears said Mitch wasn’t gonna start this week, I still had that “ah shit” thought go straight to my head. But then after I did some thinking on it…

I believe in Papa Chase Daniel. 

From here on out, Chase Daniel will be known as “Papa.” Sure, he’s only 32 years old. But that’s old man-status on this squad of youngins. He’s been a great mentor to Mitch, a strong voice in the locker room and can offer that wise wisdom these kids need. Notice how the Bears haven’t had any trouble off-the-field? It’s because Papa Chase has been taking care of his kids.

And just look at the photo above. It has “Papa” all over it. He’s a true Dad.

I also didn’t really think about how impressive the W Papa Chase helped pull off in Detroit on Thanksgiving really was. 2 tuddies, 230 yards, 73% completion percentage and a 106.8 QB rating – not too shabby for a dude who only had only attempted 78 passes his entire career before that.

Let’s also give some credit to head coach Matt “Swaggy” Nagy for giving Papa Chase every chance to succeed. As Branded’s very own CEO Joe pointed out – Nagy should win Coach of the Year for just making Papa Chase look like a real pro.

And sure, the offense really only put up 16 points with Papa Chase after Mitch lit them up at home. And sure, Papa Chase can’t run around like Mitch can. And sure, the ability to make those YUGE plays wasn’t there.

But guess what? He did that on 4 FREAKING DAYS NOTICE. AND ON THE ROAD. AND ON THANKSGIVING when the Lions actually play like a real football team. Well, sometimes.

This week, Papa Chase is going up against a Giants defense who I didn’t even realize is playing like dogshit this year: giving up 25.5 points per game and 377.8 yards per game – with 252.2 of those yards coming from the pass and a whopping 125.5 yards on the ground.

Seeing those rushing yards makes me hope that Swaggy Nagy can unleash Howard and Cohen on the New York Football Giants – fingers fucking crossed.

So, let’s let 10 God rest up this week and let’s root for our team’s Papa, Chase Daniel.

Prediction: Bears 23, Giants 11. I know, weird score. Honestly just wanted to try something different.

Bear Down, Papa Chase and get well, Mitch.


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Featured Photo: chicagobears.com

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