Four Roaches of the Apocalypse

I thought that when the Philadelphia Eagles had won the Super Bowl that Sports Valhalla had finally come to earth and we would see decades of joy on American Sports Earth. I was wrong.

First Lebron signed with the Lakers.

Secondly the Yankees bombed their way to a Playoff Berth.

Thirdly the Notre Dame Fighting Irish went undefeated.

Fourthly the Dallas Cockroaches best the New Orleans Saints.

The four horseman of the Apocalypse are here people. Cockroaches are out and about beating their chest about teams from cities they’ve never even visited. We can only hope things turn south for all four so they return under the baseboards.

There’s only one true savior that can save us from whatever sins these be. Praise Ginger Jesus and have faith he brings us back to the promised land.img_4803-1.png

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