Fools of Facebook

I don’t know the last time you used Facebook but it has evolved in the past few years. Facebook groups encompassing entire towns or social groups have sprouted up so people can share their sorrows or get recommendations. Some people share way too much and here we are to shame them:

Last I checked lady, you need a smart phone to tether the watch to…

I wish this was my life’s crisis. This lady’s life is so peachy that her idea of a crisis is she must decide what imaginary thing happened to her Elf on a Shelf. She admits she still could possibly find it but wants the social media attention of possibly needing to kill the elf off. Lady, say Santa changes the Elves up ever few years. This ain’t rocket science.

Then there’s this lady who is just sharing way too much about her kid to thousands of people on Facebook. Let’s attack this stupidity a little at a time:

1. Who decides what percentage potty trained a kid is? You either are or you are not. There isn’t a status bar on kids heads these days is there?

2. Kids aren’t potty trained by 2 anymore? Like that shit wouldn’t have flown with my parents.

3. Again, I’m not a doctor or child specialist but Chronic Constipation is a thing? And it’s caused by kids holding it in?

4. Don’t you think your friends and the parents of your child’s friends are going to see this and laugh? Seems like a pretty shitty thing to do to the kid.

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