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I can’t stand when people try to dictate how fans should feel. Fans who pay their hard earned money to watch a sporting event are allowed to feel and react anyway they want.

However, if you’re an Eagles fan, or in the media, or whatever association to the team you may have, and you’re OK with the Eagles not making the playoffs because they won the Super Bowl last season, stop reading this article and click the done button on your phone or the x button on your computer. Thanks for the click, but we’re just not going to agree.

Winning the Super Bowl last season is not an excuse for coming into this season with monumental expectations only to miss the playoffs and let the Cowboys win the NFC East. Sure, it softens the blow, but it’s not an excuse.

I’m forever grateful for the 2017 Philadelphia Eagles. But let’s not sit here and pretend that this franchise has been on some kind of roll for the last 10 years.

Before last season, they hadn’t won a playoff game since 2008!

If the Eagles were coming off five straight seasons with playoff appearances, maybe I would feel different.

Again, YES, Super Bowl Sunday and parade day were the two best days of my life, but it’s not a pass for failure this season.

I thought the goal was to have sustained success?

They just won the Super Bowl 9 months ago, and made their first playoff appearance since 2013. Can we have a few years of success, please?!?!?!?!

I understand that the 2002 Patriots also failed to make the playoffs, then went on to become a dynasty. That’s basically what I’m hanging my hat on at this point.

I’m also not going to sit here and say that this team can’t get healthy and turn things around in 2019, because I believe that they will.

But, rip me if you want.. I still want the Eagles to make the playoffs this season, and if you’re still reading this article, you should to.


I’m also a realist and understand that this team has major holes, mostly due to injuries.

That’s not an excuse, it’s a fact.

It’s also a fact that they are only 1.5 games behind the Cowboys, and still very much in the wild card picture.

The Cowboys certainly made their path a hell of a lot harder by pulling the upset Thursday night, looking pretty good in the process.

So, let’s scratch plan A…

Now let’s move on to plan B…

Eagles: 9-7 

vs Washington- W (6 point favorite at home)

@ Dallas – W

@ Rams- L

vs Texans- W

@ Washington- W

Cowboys: 9-7

vs Saints- W

vs Eagles- L

@ Colts- L

vs Bucs- W

@ Giants- W

Washington: 8-8 

@ Eagles- L

vs Giants- W

@ Jags- W

@ Titans- L

vs Eagles- L

This is the scenario that needs to play out for the Eagles to win the NFC East, unless a miracle can happen.

Plan C would be the wild card…….

Thanks to some bad losses earlier in the season, like blowing a 17-0 4th quarter lead at home, they would need help.

Eagles: 9-7 

vs Washington- W (6 point favorite at home)

@ Dallas – W

@ Rams- L

vs Texans- W

@ Washington- W

Washington: 8-8 

@ Eagles- L

vs Giants- W

@ Jags- W

@ Titans- L

vs Eagles- L

Panthers: 8-8 

@ Bucs- W

@ Browns- L 

vs Saints- L

vs Falcons- W

@ Saints- L

Need Panthers to finish 8-8, they have the tiebreaker. 

Vikings: 8-7-1 

@ Pats- L

@ Seattle-L

vs Dolphins- W

@ Lions- W

vs Bears- L 

Need Vikings to finish 8-7-1, they have the tiebreaker.  

Seattle: 10-6 

vs 49ers: W

vs Vikings: W

@ 49ers: W

vs Chiefs: L

vs Cardinals: W

Seattle has a cake walk. Whichever team wins next week (Vikings @ Seahawks) will probably get in. 

In this scenario the Eagles would be the 6 seed and heading to Chicago. At this point I would take it.

Are the playoffs likely?

Probably not.

With their offensive issues and injuries on defense, it would be tough to win 4/5. Hell it will be tough to win Monday Night.

With that being said, they are still very much alive in the playoff picture.

It’s cliche, but it really is one game at a time, starting with Monday night.

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