College Football Championship Weekend


#17 Utah vs #11 Washington (-5.5) at Levi’s Stadium 

Playing on a Friday night is a slap in the face to High School football everywhere. Then again, this game will closely resemble high school football. Washington is going to speak the Mormons. 

Washington over Utah


  #14 Texas vs #5 Oklahoma (-7.5) at AT&T Stadium 

Rematch of the Red River Rivalry. Texas was wearing the Golden Cowboy Hat the last time these two met. Oklahoma’s offense is firing on all cylinders. Defense…not so much (bet the over). Texas is not back, Horns down!

Oklahoma over Texas

Memphis vs #8 UCF (-7) at Spectrum Stadium 

UCF WILL LOSE THIS GAME! The streak is over, the national champs go down against the Tigers. It’s over, cue the fat lady. 

Memphis over UCF!!!!! 


#1 Alabama vs #4 Georgia at Mercedes-Benz Stadium 

This might as well be the CFP first Semi final game. Hell, you might see this game again in the playoffs if Georgia pulls off the miracle. Alabama cannot be stopped, so if the committee does their job, Georgia is out of the playoffs and they can stop riding the SEC’s peepee. 

Alabama over Georgia. 


#25 Fresno State at #22 Boise State (EVEN) 

I hate the blue field. It screams looks at us since no one on a national level will. Keep dreaming Mountain West, you’ll never be apart of the big boy club. 

Fresno State over Boise State 

#2 Clemson (-27.5) vs Pittsburgh at Bank of America Stadium 

This game will be a joke. I’ve said it before, Pittsburgh is good for ONE upset a year. They did that against UVA (and almost again Notre Dame). Clemson controls the ACC again. 

Clemson over Pittsburgh 

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#6 Ohio State (-14) vs #21 Northwestern at Lucas Oil Stadium

I want Northwestern to win this in the worst way. I want Urban to leave Ohio State with his face in Papa Johns pizza. Unfortunately, Ohio State is the better team. My only hope is Oklahoma wins, and they get the #4 spot and Ohio State gets left out. 

Ohio State over Northwestern 

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