Big D’s Doomsday Defense

How bout them Cowboys?

I say again…


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Yesterday I asked if the Cowboys could shock the world and beat the Saints on Thursday Night… Well the answer was yes.

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I gave 5 things the Cowboys would need to do to win the game. I believe they did most of them, but defiantly not all.

We can eliminate not making stupid mistakes because well, Randy Gregory single handedly tried to give the game away.

ROUGHING THE PUNTER?! Come on man. When you have the Saints Offense dead you don’t revive them. Everyone knew that touchdown was coming after the pentalty. Then later on a Brees sack fumble…

GREGORY LINED UP OFFSIDES!! Dude… Get your head out of your ass. However, besides those two plays Gregory and the DL were doing their thing all night.

Demarcus Lawrence and the Hot Boyz did exactly what I said they needed to. Constant pressure all night and make Brees uncomfortable. He didn’t look like a machine last night… He looked like a man! A man that could be and was beat!

I also can not say enough about the Cowboys young linebackers. 54 and 55 were literally all over the field all night. They needed to contain Kamara for the boys to win, the basically made him non existent.

Let the wolves HOWEL!!

Jaylon Smith’s tackle on the two yard line on 3rd down was the play of the game. Kamara was about to have a walk in Touchdown but NOT IN JAYLON’s HOUSE! Stopped him cold to force a 4th and goal…

…Which the Cowboys D would stuff!

The offense did just enough to win the game. Went on a few nice drives, including the 9’e that started on the 2 after the 4th and goal stop. Gallup played big, Zeke was Zeke and Dak played within himself…

For the most part.

He was 24-28 for 248 yards and 1 touchdown to Zeke. The only Cowboys touchdown of the game. Dak also had an unbelievable scramble towards the end of the game to convert on third and long.

Image – @dallascowboys

However the young QB still has a lot of growing to do. Especially on ball handling and learning when to throw the ball away. You just can’t fumble at the end of a game to give the ball back to Drew Brees, and you are up 3.

However this time… This time Jourdan Lewis and the DOOMSDAY DALLAS D, bailed him out. A massive interception would kill any hope the Saints had to spoiling the Cowboys night.

(Espically after they honored the 1993 Super Bowl Team pregame and Gil Brant at Halftime)

And that’s what it was, the Boys night. From the start of the game the Cowboys were in control. Brees started the game 0-4 and finished it 18-28 for 127 yards 1 TD 1 INT.

Image – @dallascowboys

What a performance by this defense. Across the board. And my hat also goes off the Kris Richard and his aggressiveness as a coach and a play caller. He let the dogs eat all night.

This Saints Offense that averages 37 points a game was held to 10… TEN! Cowboys win 13-10 baby!

The cowboys are sitting at 1st in the NFC East with a record of 7-5. They now have a “mini-bye” before playing the Eagles at home next Sunday. They are in the drivers seat for the division with 4 to play.

What’s that thing they say?

Oh yeah…

Defense wins championships.

-Kmess “That Guy”

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