Should I Dump This Chump?

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Ahhh the holidays, or cuffing season as the youths like to say. It’s a beautiful time to get some eggnog, hot chocolate, or a bottle of wine and cuddle up under a blanket with your significant other while you binge endless amounts of movies and TV shows. Sounds great, right?

Well, it used to be! That was until my girlfriend told me the most depressing thing the other day……she’s never seen Aladdin or THE FREAKING LION KING!!


This is completely flabbergasting. I’m bamboozled. She likes to call me Patrick Star too, but this is biggest example of living under a rock that I’ve ever heard. 


Now my fellow blogger, KMess, just proved why 2019 is going to be the best year for 90’s kids since we’re getting live action remakes to some of our childhood’s most iconic films. If you haven’t seen what is in store, immediately stop reading this post, check that link out really quick, and then come back here…

Pretty insane, right? Now maybe you can understand my disbelief when who I’m supposed to be seeing these movies with HASN’T EVEN SEEN THE CARTOON VERSION YET?

This honestly begs the question if this is grounds enough to dump her? What other 90s classics hasn’t she seen? Mrs.Doubtfire? Home Alone? The Sandlot!? This is a lot of time to devote to catching up on kids’ movies. I needed expert advice on this so I got the next best thing and asked the Branded Team. Their responses proved that anyone who hasn’t seen these movies is clearly not going to be socially accepted…

If you also have a girlfriend looking to find the missing pieces of her childhood, then a VHS box set is definitely a baller way to say, “get your shit together girl.” Thank you Murt and KMess!

Though, now my girlfriend knows about one of her gifts… Babe, if you’re reading this, I promise I’ll get you more than this. Maybe like a matching Lion King sweater or stuffed animal?? Happy Holidays!



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PS: My girlfriend is actually pretty fucking awesome and we already have these two movies set to watch for the weekend. She gets my sense of humor because hers is the same as mine. Her reaction to the movies will answer the question to this post though…

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Disclaimer: That is also not my girlfriend in the featured image. My actual girl is twice as hot.

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