Joel Embiid Is The NBA M.V.P

I have seen enough, I’m calling my shot I am going to say how it is.  Joel Embiid is the NBA MVP.  I don’t want any arguments about anything or with anyone.  I don’t care what Bron is doing, or the Greek Freak, don’t even mention AD after Embiid held him to 10 points.  James Harden and his 83 shots a game? NOPE!  Joel Embiid is your NBA MVP.  Now most of you know I don’t like to put stats into my arguments.  I will use them as a backup or when I find something interesting but stats SOMETIMES can be overrated.

Quick example if you look at minutes played, PPG and FG% Fultz and Tatum are having identical seasons.  Is Fultz better than Tatum? No, but that’s why I don’t love using stats because they can be misleading.  They don’t always tell the entire story, that’s why you have to watch the games, and I have watched every single second of Sixers basketball  this year, 1,104 minutes I have seen every single one.  Joel Embiid has dominated, and that was before Jimmy Butler even got here.  Let’s take a look at what Embiid has done this year statistically.


Embiid is averaging 28 points per game as a center behind, Harden, Steph and Durant.  Keep in mind Steph has not played in a while so his average could have dropped by now, but to be fair it also could have gone up by now.  Think about the company he is in?  Durant, Harden, Steph?  Some of the best scorers in the game with LeBron behind Joel?  As well as Kemba, Giannis, and AD.  That is remarkable for the big fella.  Not to mention he had 26 last night in a game where he was barely in the second half because it was such a massive blowout.


Joel is 7th in the blocks and not by much averaging 2 a game, the 6 men in front of him not averaging between .1, .7, and .9 more per game.  The only one on that list that is even worthy of JoJo’s MVP race is AD at 2.7 per game.


Jo is 3rd in the NBA at 13.3 rebounds per game to go with his 28 per game and the 2 men in front of him there?  Andre Drummond and Whiteside.  Both of which Embiid has run off the court when facing.  Neither man even worthy of an MVP discussion.

Now before I get to my favorite stat of Embiid’s lets recap.  The center of the Philadelphia 76ers is 4th in points per game, 7th in blocks and 3rd in rebounding.  He has taken over games and 4th quarters.  Did I mention he’s also top 10 in 4th quarter scoring?  The man is a closer and now with Jimmy Butler at his side he may start to score even more!  Now about my favorite stat.


Embiid is leading the NBA in free throws made and attempted.  He dominates a game on the glass, yes.  He dominates the game in the paint, yes.  Where he really dominates the game is getting to the line.  He is getting to the line more than anyone and hitting those shots more than anyone.  Not at a higher percentage no, but when you get to the line that much that’s expected.  When it counts he sinks them.  He is a big time player and looking to become one of the best this game has ever seen.

Now, let’s forget stats for a second and let’s just talk about the game.  Just watch the man play.  He can’t be stopped on offense or defense.  The man kept Anthony Davis to 10 points!  (Should have been 8 but Jo with one of the dumbest fouls I’ve seen someone take to end a game, we’ll let that slide.)  I urge fans of basketball to go watch Embiid play, he is a talent that is rare and exciting to watch.  He may be the most popular athlete in Philadelphia and is rising the ranks of premiere NBA stars.  Best part is.. It’s only just begun.



We’d be on a one stop track to Zion right now.  Just imagine.

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