It’s Britney’s Birthday Bitch

Jay Rogét

Hold on one second, we’re talking about Britney’s birthday, BITTCHHHHH!!!

This Saturday, December 1st, there’s a banger going down.  There’s only one way to celebrate Britney’s birthday… With music, stand-up comedy, drag performances, and of course, a Britney dance party, bitch.

I honestly thought the only cool thing that happened in Coney Island was the hot dog eating contest.  I never would have imagined that this type of party would pop off in the East Village.  From the bottom of my broken heart, I really wish I could go. It’s gonna drive me crazy that I’m not there.  If you can make it, consider yourself lucky – or even a star.

Speaking of stars – this party is going to be swimming with ’em.  The party is hosted by Ashley & Claire of course.  There will be music by Dylan Adler, and stand-up from HOOSWTABS faves, Rachel Sennott, Courtney Maginnis, & Liza Treyger.  There will also be drag performances by Blair Bitch and Clarice Dubois.  Then, after all of that, there will be a Britney dance party.  It sounds fucking lit.

If you’re not a girl, but not yet a woman, I’m sorry, this party is not for you.  I don’t want you to feel overprotected, as it’s your prerogative if you want to go or not.  I just want to warn you that it’s gonna get a little crazy.

Here’s all the info you need.  I’m only gonna hit you baby one more time with this:

Britney Bday

Make sure you get your ass to 169 Avenue A, in Coney Island baby for this Britney Banger.  Enjoy the music, the laughs, and then get your ass on the dance floor and work bitch.




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