Can the Cowboys Shock the World?

Well the answer could be yes… But might be no. Yes, the boys have won 3 in a row. But the Saints are unbelievable. Yes the Cowboys are usually great in prime time. But the Saints are unbelievable. Yes the game is in Dallas. But the Saints are… Still unbelievable.

This is a huge game for both teams. The Saints are trying to stay ahead of the Rams to ensure homefield in the playoffs. Because if the NFC runs through Bourbon Street… Watch out.

The Cowboys are sitting at 6-5. The Giants are dead but the Redskins and Eagles are right there. Drop this game, move to 6-6 and the Cowboys will be tied with the winner of that MNF game.

…And there is only one team coming out of the NFC East. So it’s either win the division or start booking tee times.

Here are the 5 things the Cowboys will need to do to shock the world… And backup Demarcus Lawrence’s smack talk.

1. RUN THE ROCK. Zeke said it himself… There is no such thing as too many touches for him. Let him pound the rock and run the clock. The best defense in this game is controlling the clock and keeping Brees on the sideline.

Image – @dallascowboys

2. Control Kamara. This… Is and never will be easy. The out of the backfield passes to Kamara have killed the league. For the Cowboys to win, 55 and 54 will need to play fast and smart to try and control those plays and minimize the damage.

3. Score 30. Yes, the Cowboys defense is 3rd in the league in scoring. But, the Saints will get theirs. Probably about a touchdown a quarter. So the Cowboys offense on top of running the ball and running the clock, will have to hit on big plays when they are there. 19.

4. No stupid mistakes. This Cowboys offense can not play behind the chains. A 10 yard holding penalty will almost every time kill their drive. Play smart and penalty free. No stupid mistakes also means no kicking mishaps. Hit them when you get the chance Maher.

5. Hot Boyz need to Show up and Out! The Hot Boyz are the Cowboys D Line. They have been playing well all season. Demarcus Lawrence again is showing why he is one of the best in the league. Him, Gregory and the Boyz need to get consistent pressure all night and knock Brees’s timing off.

Image – @dallascowboys

Bonus: Protect Dak. Everyone knows when he is under pressure that’s when things get bad for him. Keep the pocket as clean as possible and give him time to dish the ball to Cooper, Beasley and Gallup.

Image – @dallascowboys

Can they do it? I honestly don’t know. Will they cover the 7? Again, I don’t have a real feel. I think it will be a competitive game. I don’t think the Cowboys will lay down. But tonight will be the biggest test Clappy (who hasn’t been clapping lately) Garrett and the Boys have had all season.

Hey in 2009 the Saints were 13-0 and Dallas went into the Super Dome and took them down. Maybe they can spark the magic again in 2018 at home.

-Kmess “That Guy”

Feature Image – @dallascowboys

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