Are Those the Whispers of a Kendrick Perkins Return I Hear?

Not every idea that passes through the rumor mill is a good one. Some reports seem like nonsense, too good to be true or even down right ridiculous when it comes to sports insiders. However, as a Celtics fan, it’s hard to not have your interest peak when Kendrick Perkins is being linked to the team, no matter how absurd the idea sounds at the age of 34 with his best basketball about a decade behind him.

Hear me out before scoffing at the idea of adding a player that has no on-court value to an up and down Celtics team. I get it, most Celtics fans may be looking for some type of addition that can help the offense. There are other fans holding on to the idea of a super trade for Anthony Davis before the trade deadline.

Listen up, this team has as much talent if not more as anyone in the East. I know that’s an easily disputable idea with the Celtics sitting at 11-10 in the 7-hole of the East standings. But if there’s one thing the teams in Boston have instilled in me more than any other sports town in America is capable of is the idea of trusting the team. All across sports it’s endless questioning and poking and prying into organizations. Despite the Boston media trying to spin up a beautiful web of dysfunction around the teams at all times, in reality, there’s no reason to count out any Boston team nowadays. It would be utterly foolish to do so amidst every team’s recent success.

Today is not the day I start distrusting my team. I understood that building chemistry with a star-studded team would be no easy task. I hoped for a few more flashes of excellence than the Celtics have supplied through a quarter of the season, but there’s a level of patience needed to allow this thing to work.

This is all to say, the current roster doesn’t need another ball handler at the the moment. A big problem with this team has been that there are too many mouths to feed on offense as currently constructed. All the young guys got a taste of leading a team in the playoffs last year, and to their credit as competitors, they want to continue doing that. At this point it seems everyone is starting to understand that. Now they need to find a way to make it all work.

Believe it or not, I think Kendrick Perkins could be a piece to that puzzle. According to Ainge, however, if it were to happen, it won’t be right now.

That doesn’t mean it should be ruled out in the future or rubbed off as a foolish idea. Perk is one of those guys that when he’s in your corner, it’s never a bad thing when done correctly. I think to bring him back in the capacity the Cavs did last season would be good for the Celtics mentality. Long gone are the days of the 2008 Celtics regime, but that team’s mentality would be a massive boost to getting this squad where everyone wants them to be. You don’t need to be on the court to bring that mentality. Especially when you consider the presence Perk has about him. Nobody is fucking with a guy like Perk.

I don’t think it would be a major move, and I don’t think it would fix everything. But I do think a more predatory mentality to this team would go a long way.

So Perk, it’s time to come home this season. I don’t know when it will happen, or even if it will happen, but I think for pennies on the dollar, his presence to this team could have a genuine impact in the future.

Until then, I’ll keep my trust with Brad Stevens. He’s got to put it together eventually, right?

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