What Hammer will the Flyers Drop Next?

Flyers have made another front office and what will likely be the first of many coaching waves today via their Official Twitter Account.

With relieving Pryor and Murphy, the Flyers have started removing Ron Hextall’s people from the building. Hextall and his people were using the long view when rebuilding the Flyers. He was “trusting his process” and slowly bringing along what would eventually become a wave of youthful talent for the Philadelphia Flyers. This went entirely against everything Mr. Snyder and Flyers management has done since 1974. Flyers have always been in a win now mode. “Having a bad year? Trade all the prospects and let’s bring in some guy who May get us in as a 7 seed this year.” That attitude has been the ‘Flyer Way’ and it was refreshing to see them take a new path. Obviously Holmgren and company decided this was too slow and they’re “Taking Phone Calls” to fill the GM position. Whichever GM is chosen, expect them to bring back the “Win Now at all costs” attitude that has hampered the Flyers from winning a cup for over 40 years.

My guess would be as soon as the GM is announced, Hakstol and the rest of his bench will get the boot from Philadelphia. No GM wants to be associated with the last guys choice of coach. Coaches always make or break GMs and it’s reasonable to expect the new GM to handpick his General. Then watch as all the stockpiled talent is traded away for a 6th seed in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

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