We Need To Band Together And Save This Man

Yikes. This is a real tough look for any man. Really any person. Dustin needs our help people. This has gone from loving supportive boyfriend to stockholm syndrome. This is a clear cry for help, there’s a lot of pain behind those eyes. One of two things has happened here. Theory #1: He had a lobotomy. I mean look, his face doesn’t change at all.

Just a dead stare. A walking example of the phrase “lights are on but no ones home.” She had part of his brain removed or his mind is stuck in the sunken place. Theory #2: He’s a robot This one seems more like the correct answer. She had him created to do as she commands. Like John Connor and his T-800. It explains the lifeless stare and also no self aware man would let this happen

No I’m not peanut butter jealous, I’m peanut butter concerned. So Dustin if you’re reading this, we’re going to save you. Some way some how. Unless you are a robot, in that case 10001110110100110.

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