The Office tells the story of the Top 10 in College Football…


As you know I am a diehard ND fan. However I am a watcher of all things college football. Hell I even watch Wednesday night MACtion.

With the Playoff rankings coming out tonight. And, after this past “rivalry weekend” I wanted to share the pulse of every college fan base in the top 10. The best way possible…

…Through The Office gifs.

10. Ohio State (Crushed ichigan):

9. UCF (Gets 0 respect, lost their QB):

8. Washington St (Beat up by Wash):

7. LSU (Lost in 87 overtime’s):

6. Oklahoma (Beat WVU going to Big 12 Champ Game):

5. Georgia (Crushed GT, playing Bama in SEC Champ Game.):

4. Michigan (Embarrassed by OSU, they get two):

3. Notre Dame (Beat USC finish 12-0):

(But if they don’t make the playoff…)

2. Clemson (Smoke the Gamecocks, play Pitt in ACC Champ Game. 12-0):

1. Alabama (rolled over Auburn. Play Georgia in SEC Champ Game. 12-0. Kill everyone.)

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