ICYMI: Mia Khalifa Who Used Her Mouth For Fame, Now Using Same Mouth To Call Philadelphia A “Trash City”


There is so much I would like to get into in this video.  Do I really care that she called Philadelphia a trash city?  No, I don’t Mia is a girl who used being fucked on camera as a way to eat, her opinions on trash may be accurate.

Anyway, my real issue is that at 42 seconds she talks about the Giants and Eagles game.  She says “Being an NFC East pe-ah, like I’m a Redskins fan”  I think she meant to say being an NFC East person?  Whatever the FUCK that means.  She then says “Its tradition to hate other teams in the NFC East.”  Not sure if she had all of those German army helmets knocking into her brain cells but, Mia it is tradition to hate your division rivals IN EVERY FUCKING DIVISION IN THE NFL!  You aren’t saying anything that people don’t already know.  Pat’s fans as in tradition hate the Jets, Saints fans as in tradition hate the Falcons, Browns fans as in tradition hate the Steelers.  This is nothing new.  This is not an NFC East only action.  Just say something more dumb, you can’t.

Back to her saying we have a trash city.  I don’t know, I think Philly is nice, it’s really not different from any other city but maybe she has a point.  You know when they say takes one to know one?  Well I mean she is walking trash, and no not because she did porn.  I’ve met a few porn stars myself, fine people, nice people, they just like to fuck.  Mia is trash because she just is.  Trash knows trash and quite frankly ladies and gentleman I am some of the biggest trash out there.  I would never throw beer at Vikings fans, but I will laugh when I see it happen.  I would never beat up a Cowboys fan but I won’t stop it if I see it. I am a pot stirring watch the world burn kind of trash.  Mia sweetheart from one trash human to another, you are a walking hefty bag of used up coffee grounds and K-cups honey.  Theres no Hawaiian tropical breeze sent on your bag either.  It’s just a plain old bag.

PS: Didn’t Embiid already take out the trash?




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