I Think I Need To Sign Michigan Man

Last night, I’m not sure how, but this clip from Barstool idol came across my timeline. One of Michigan Man’s finest moments. He was fighting with Dave tooth and nail about keeping Ali in the contest. As you all know Ali is a member of the Branded team and honestly she’s easily our best writer. Everyone else here, myself included, write like a bunch of assholes.


He makes some solid points. Well one solid point roughly 43 times. His level of blind faith would have even the strongest religious believer impressed. Dude only knew her for 48 hours and he was ready to take a bullet for her. I need that in my corner. As I’m writing this now I’m racking my brain trying to think, who at Branded would take a bullet for their beloved Owner/CEO/Captain/Fearless leader/Etc?

Kmess? Not a shot during football season

Ru? That dude might use his own grandmother as a human shield

Dubs? Eric? College Mike? No. No. No.

I need a certified crazy person and Michigan Man fits the bill. I’ve recently got under the skin of every Notre Dame football fan after a very fact based and honest blog I wrote last week. Quick recap, all I said was ND isn’t a top 4 team. Yes their undefeated but if you are going off the eye test their are easy 4 teams better than them. That’s all I said and now I’m being harassed on twitter.

Sad. I thought these we’re supposed to be nice Catholics.

They are on their high horses because I said Michigan was a better team than ND. As you may have heard they got skull blasted by Ohio State this past weekend. ,Whatever. Michigan is still a better team just a coach that will never beat Urban Myer.

This feels like a sign from the heavens. I’m defending Michigan and no one is defending their beloved boss. It’s time I recruit some defense. What’s stronger than a man with nothing to lose and a flimsy sense of reality? Nothing and that’s Michigan Man 101.

So this is my official call to arms. Michigan Man I need you. It’s time to dust off that old maze and blue jersey. It’s no team Portnoy but it could be worse. Come join Branded.

Ps. This could be the worst decision I ever make.

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