Shawn Hochuli Is Building A Shitty Legacy Of His Own


When the Patriots Jets game began on Sunday, the announcing team made sure to notify us that Shawn Hochuli and his crew average the most penalties per game. It took all of about 3 minutes of actual game time to understand the brevity of that situation. All in all there were a total of 20 penalties called, and the Patriots had 11 accepted for a total of 105 yards. It took away a lot of huge runs from Sony Michel and made Trent Brown look awful, despite barely committing any actual penalties to begin with.

Ed Hochuli was a master of words. He isn’t dead but he has retired from officiating, just in time for his namesake to take the league by storm not in a good way. Literally…the exact same year Ed retired, his son Shawn was promoted to the NFL.

Ed was known for his verbose explanations of calls, and for his arms. He was even featured as the #6 Six Pack Sunday back in 2012.

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Judging by the way things are going, his son Shawn is going to be known for completely different, less lovable reasons.

The Patriots were called for 6 penalties within the first 16 minutes of the game and reached their season high before the 6 min mark of the 2nd quarter. This is a complete 180 for haters that came out of the woodworks after the Chiefs game when there were 0 accepted penalties and everyone said the NFL was biased towards the Patriots. Some say football karma, some smarter people will say Shawn Hochuli is off to a hot start in his first year.

I’m sure some of the penalties were legit. I’m not going through the All-22 footage to watch them all but I don’t believe the Patriots are perfect (GASP!!) and probably committed a few. But there were a few calls that, should the game have been in question, would have made me throw my Christmas decorations at the TV. And a few non-calls that had my neighbors questioning if the police should be called.

The first completely unacceptable call was on James White for offensive pass interference. The Patriots have historically run a lot of pick plays where usually Danny Amendola or Julian Edelman have picked up a few flags.

Atrocious. It wasn’t a completion, so I couldn’t get too worked up but it definitely didn’t set a good tone for the rest of the game. Tom Brady agreed with me, as he normally does.

“That was — I have no idea how they called that,” Brady said on WEEI’s “Mut and Callahan” show Monday morning. “He didn’t even touch him.

“That particular one, I didn’t really understand. The other ones, I didn’t really see. The chop block or the holding. … They get some wrong. They get most of them right. It’s a tough job for them. The ones that I don’t understand are when, to me, there’s no penalty and they call it. I don’t know how you throw a flag when it doesn’t happen, because you don’t see it. But sometimes I think they see a reaction, and throw it. I think they even out over the course year, but I know the officials aren’t trying to get them wrong. They make mistakes, we make mistakes. We’re not robots.”

Stephon Gilmore has been quietly dominant this year and hasn’t gotten nearly the amount of credit he deserves. That’s because simple minds (most Boston radio personalities) will see penalties like the defensive holding called against him and say he sucks.

I can’t find a video of it but it was the type of situation that no matter how good the coverage, the couch referees and receivers are BEGGING for a flag. Exactly what Brady said. Referees that use their eyes (there are few) would have seen no extracurricular activity, but Shawn Hochuli must get a real thrill from tossing that yellow flag up in the air like a Derek Fisher rainbow free throw.

There were bad calls and non-calls on both sides of the ball and they always say the ball doesn’t lie, so I’m not trying to say it fucked over the Patriots and the Patriots only.

On the 4th and 1 pickup that Cordarelle Patterson avoided grabbing anyone’s gooch, Jacob Hollister got away with holding.

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And would you look at that, just moments later the broadcast cuts to David Andrews getting his jaw pushed into his hairline with no flag. Coincidentally this is the same dude that received the gooch grab, so maybe that was Patterson’s revenge.

Image: Link

Later in the game, when the Jets committed back to back false starts, baby Hochuli was audibly perturbed as if he isn’t trying to get as much screen time as possible.

If you’re going to call 21.4 penalties a game, you’re gonna need to lose the attitude. We’re the ones suffering watching you try and fail to live up to your father’s legacy. Love him or hate him, no one can replace the bicep shaped hole that Ed Hochuli has left in our hearts and on our TV screens. And while you’re at it mix in an arm day.

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