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Mugshot Monday: Necks Again?! (And Bill Cosby)

Happy Monday everyone. It’s time for our favorite Monday tradition. Mugshot Monday!

Last week we brought you the mugshot that broke the internet. “Necks” it is simply one of the greatest of all time. But since then guess what…

NECKS GOT ARRESTED AGAIN! He said I won’t get caught “NECKS” time… But he did.

Did he neck actually grow? He went from looking like the father on Dinosaurs to just straight angry. So Necks. But thank you!

To this week’s. America’s dad. Since Branded Sports is based in Philly we thought we have to bring you Philly’s current most famous inmate.

Bill Cosby.

Look at the camera Bill. Oh wait he can’t see? What a shame.

Bill here’s a jello pudding pop..

Image –

But in jail..


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Notre Dame

Yup... I’m that guy

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