LeBron’s Celebrity Thottourage Adds Another Member

I like to think I have a pulse on what’s going on in the girl community, but I’m very off on this one. LeBron’s thottourage is growing day by day, and none of these ladies seem to care that LeBron can’t shoot free throws. It’s truly upsetting.

On Friday night Halsey went to her first Laker game this year despite being a lifelong LeBron stan. And she was very excited about it.

Rihanna obviously sets the trends for what the hot, cool girls are into and when she declared herself a LeBron girl, it broke my heart, but also changed perception. It was unfortunate that it became ok to like LeBron, but the cool girls club was paying attention.

No one has more patience and graciousness than Savannah James. When Rihanna posts a picture of your husband captioned “bae”, you have to feel a little threatened. Jeff Van Gundy was probably telling LeBron to risk it all.

I, for one, could get past that one though. Kind of flattering to have Rihanna give her endorsement.

But then we had Emily Ratajkowski and her nipples on board, calling LeBron boo, @’ing him directly.

And now, the latest member of the thottourage has been initiated.

Halsey, sporting her own version of Emily’s nipplegate, took things to another level in her daisy dukes and white crop top sweatshirt. It is November.

She Instagrammed the fuck out of her first Lakers game of the season, making it well known who she was there for. Not helping any of our image as Lakers fans, Halsey truly was every basic bitch at her first basketball game.

Thankfully, no one is better suited for this type of admiration more than LeBron. He is sure to remain very humble with the hottest thottourage in the game, after all he is a father of 3.

Updated list of LeBron’s Official Thottourage:

  • Rihanna
  • Emily Rajatkowski
  • Halsey
  • Amy Schumer

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