ICYMI: News That Shocks No One, Dwight Howard is a 6’11 Bottom

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Dwight Howard on the Lakers was one of the darkest periods of my life. Watching that goofball wear a purple and gold jersey was a disgrace to the entire franchise.

But it turns out that NBA fans aren’t the only group of people that Dwight Howard enjoys fucking.

Dwight Howard was trending on Saturday night, and since there’s no way it could be for basketball reasons, everyone was very curious to see what was going on.

Turns out, a transgender author Masin Elije is accusing Howard of not only cheating on her by going to transgender orgy parties, but threatening her and having his pastor harass and stalk her. You can read the thread below for the full thread of tweets, which are a wild ride.

Dwight Howard is a perfect target for a story like this, and I honestly wouldn’t be surprised either way to find out that this is true.

She does have a lot of evidence, but I’ve seen Making A Murderer. Dwight has had a longstanding beef with his baby mama and Basketball Wives cast member Royce Reed, where she claimed he abused their son. Howard has been one of the biggest NBA let downs professionally and personally, so it would be extremely fucked up but not completely shocking if true.

Which is exactly another reason this could be a scam. I remember seeing a viral tweet just last week from Masin about Tristan Thompson’s ex-girlfriend which has 16K likes. She also just released a book entitled “Industry Hoe”, which is the first thing in her bio.

Whatever Dwight Howard wants to do off the court is his own business, I have the biggest issue with what he has done on the court.

But no matter what, Masin got one thing right. Dwight ain’t no Kobe.


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