Will Zion Williamson be better than LeBron James?

Just like everyone else who enjoys collegiate athletics I have been amazed by what Zion Williamson is doing at Duke. While Zion was in high school many of us would see highlights of this man child throwing down on little pip squeaks. I was amazed with his size and athletic ability.

When Zion signed with Duke, I was skeptical if this freak would be a good player or just an AND 1 mixtape guy who had one specialty, the ole slamma jamma! I have been pleasantly surprised that he is owning the court and everything that happens for Duke this year is because of him. Standing out in high school when you are 6’ 8” 280lbs and can jump seven feet in the air is not hard. But, continuing his ways at Duke is ridiculous! He is 6’ 8” 280lbs! That is a massive human being, when he goes up for a dunk everyone retreats because it is like an atomic bomb is heading towards your village!


So far this year, Duke is 5-0 and probably will not lose a game until Zion goes to the NBA. Zion is averaging 25 minutes a game and 20.4 ppg. His FG% is 70.7!!! He shoots his shot, his shot goes in, almost always.

Zion is so fun to watch and has proven to me that it does not matter what level of basketball he is playing, he will dominate. At 18 years old he is already bigger than LeBron. LeBron is one of the all time greats and has done a great job being the face of the NBA and changing teams to win championships, but his style of play bothers me and I find it a bit “corny”. He seems soft, he flops, he complains, he just annoys me. Zion will come into the league and just bully everyone around. He will drive down the court and break the backboard while his opponents are flattened on the hardwood behind him. After the massive dunk, he will run back on defense and slap a shot into the second level of the arena.


If you can’t tell by now, I love Zion’s game and think he will be better than LeBron. He is very similar to LeBron at an early age, but meaner. I respect LeBron, but Zion will be the new king! Book it!

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