Thanksgiving Day Purge 2018: Unfollow/Unfriend Anyone That’s Posts A Picture Of Their Plate Tomorrow

Hate to be negative the day before one of the best holidays ever created but this needs to be said. We’re all eating the same stuff. Turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, biscuits and so on. We don’t need to see a picture of your aunt’s stuffing or your sister in law’s home made vegan pecan pie.

It’s the same meal in every family’s home. It’s the same conversation in every family’s home. “How’s school?” “How’s work?” “How’s the baby?”

Everything is fine just shut up and drink some more wine grandma before we turn your chair around.

With the same thing happening all across America, the world?? (I’m not sure who does and doesn’t celebrate thanksgiving.) The last thing anyone wants to see if your plate of food right before you smash it into your gross face hole.

So I am giving everyone the permission and really the task of unfriending/unfollowing all of this people. If your best friend posts a picture of his plate with a caption “Thanksgiving Day feast with the family!” Unfollow him. You don’t need that in your life and I argue that he never was a good friend in the first place.

Maybe your sister puts up a picture of her and your mom with their wine glasses saying “I’m thankful for this lady and of course wine Lol.” Time to start looking for a new family. You can’t possibly come for the same blood line as these uncreative bitches.

Everyone enjoy getting blacked out tonight and being ugly hungover tomorrow. Wake up at 3 in the afternoon, walk downstairs and mix up a cocktail. Go into the living room, claim your spot and don’t move until the dinner bell is rung. While you’re sitting there thinking about how much money you blew last night trying to talk to some girl from high school that never liked you, scroll social media and start purging.

Feels good to let go of family and friends forever.

Happy thanksgiving people

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