Phillies Interested In Two Other Big Names Besides Harper And Machado

Looks like the Phillies are pushing all in this offseason. Not only are there reports that they would be willing to sign both Harper and Machado but they are looking at some big time pitching help as well.

According to John Paul Morosi of the Phillies are showing interest in Patrick Corbin and Craig Kimbrel.

This would be huge. Corbin is on the right side of 30 (29 years old), a two time all star and finished 5th in the Cy Young voting last season. A 11-7 record with an ERA of 3.15, 249 strike outs and a WHIP of 1.05, that is exactly what the Phillies need to add to the rotation.

The Craig Kimbrel talk intrigues me more than Corbin though for one simple reason. You don’t go a get a big name closer unless you plan on being ahead in a lot of ball games. Aka, I think this is a sign that they will definitely sign Harper and/or Machado. As for Kimbrel himself he’s a beast. Lifetime ERA under 2 (1.91), All Star 7 of his 9 MLB seasons and an impressive 14.7 SO9. Once again though, he can’t help you unless you are winning. So any interest in Kimbrel means interest in your offense as well.

Big Phillies need always seems to break close to my birthday, December 6th, NBD. So look out first week of December.

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