No One’s Thanksgiving Is More Awkward Than Aaron Rodgers’



Ah, the rare occasion that all of our worlds collide for a brief moment. The Bachelor world and the football world are up in arms after Jordan Rodgers just came for Aaron Rodgers throat. On the Wednesday before Thanksgiving nonetheless. A time where families are coming together, willingly or not, to remind us to be thankful for what we have and those we love. Unless you’re part of the Rodgers family I guess.

It’s been over 2 years since Jordan won THE Bachelorette of all Bachelorettes, JoJo. It was no secret that Jordan and Aaron weren’t on speaking terms, but during the hometown dates we learned that the rest of the Rodgers family was #TeamJordan. I think everyone just assumed the family would choose the side of their $134 million dollar NFL QB son instead of the one going on The Bachelorette, but something much more dramatic (Chris Harrison voice) had to have happened.

It had to have been really legit because the tweet that set Jordan off was Aaron announcing that he is donating a million dollars to the victims of the California wildfires.  In the video, Aaron specifically says “I personally reached out to my…FRIENDS and the Mayor of Chico” and there was a very awkward pause before saying friends, I’ve watched it like 20 times. He was clearly not mentioning his family for a reason and it seems pretty fucked up that no matter what’s going on with your family you should probably give them a call during a deadly natural disaster. My GOAT would NEVER.

I’d like to see Packers fans defend this one. Probably praise him for donating a measly 1% of his guaranteed contract to his hometown. Moms are overrated as long as Aaron Rodgers is making hard throws look easy.


We might never know the full story, but it’s safe to say Aaron Rodgers will be spending Thanksgiving with Danica’s family.

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