How The Committee Should Set The CFB Playoff Rankings

Last night the latest edition of the College Football Playoff Rankings came out and it was exactly how everyone expected. Bama the runaway number 1, followed by Clemson, Norte Dame and Michigan. These 4 teams win out they are in but should they be. The short answer no.

Before I give you the real CFB Playoff Rankings let me just start by saying how much better college football is now with a playoff system. I hated suffering through the BCS system and could you imagine this season with the BCS? Every fan would just be saying, “WE GET IT!! Bama Clemson again!” At least the Playoff gives us some chatter and keeps things interesting for those last two spots. So without further ado, here is how the committee should be ranking these teams.

1. Bama – There isn’t much to say but Bama is so much better than everyone else. But Joe, what about last week’s game? Citadel had it tied in the third. Yeah you’re right, then Bama decided to actually play and blew the doors off. Bama, 1.

2. Clemson – Also a no brainer. They look like the only team that can go toe to toe with Alabama and have a real shot of winning. The championship is going to be these two again so if I were you I’d jump all over those odds now.

3. Michigan – Relax you gold domers. Yeah I know ND beat Michigan but that was week 1, in ND and by only one score. That shit is old news. At this point it’s a whole new season. Also do you not remember what happened with Ohio State and Penn State?

Michigan since the only week has played a tougher schedule and has the number 1 overall defense to show for it. They are also 8th overall in 3rd down conversion and 23rd in rushing offense. You know how you win football games? Tough defense, converting important 3rd downs and you control the clock with effective running. That’s just football 101.

Now I’m not saying ND doesn’t do those things well. They do but check the numbers, Michigan just does them better. As a Michigan State fan, it kills me to write but the truth is the truth. Also Michigan will go into Ohio State this weekend. If they win then there is no way you can disagree with this placement, you just can’t. That’s not even taking into consideration the fact they are going to win the Big Ten. Michigan easy #3.

4. Georgia – Yup, ND slides again. Really it’s all about schedule. A 1 loss Georgia team is much more deserving of the playoff birth than an undefeated Notre Dame team this season. In four consecutive weeks Georgia played @ LSU, vs Florida, @ Kentucky and vs Auburn. All ranked and the bulldogs walked away 3-1 in that stretch. You don’t see four games in a row like that anywhere else than the SEC. They will also get a shot at Bama on December 1st and they don’t even have to win it. If they just show up and give Alabama a game you have to put them in the playoffs.

They are 11th in total offense to ND’s 28th rank. They are also 15th in total defense to ND’s 21st. So they play a much much much harder schedule and are better on both sides of the ball. Take your fan glasses off for a second and it’s very clear.

5. Notre Dame – Pretty much explained why they are 5 already but just to recap. Not as good as Michigan and not as good as Georgia. Have to put them here. They are having an impressive season yes. And all the ND fans will say but we’re undefeated, we deserve to be in the playoffs. No you don’t. That sure sounds a lot like another undefeated team that cry’s about missing the playoffs that I know. Looking at you UCF.

The other thing hurting Notre Dame is not having a conference championship. It’s not ND’s fault that Stanford and VT ended up being complete garbage. But you can’t ignore that their best win game week 1 and they almost lost at home to a very bad Pitt team. Without any conference game and their last game vs a 5-6 USC team, they have no shot of getting another good win on the schedule. Can’t make the playoffs with only 1 good win. Just ask those UCF Knights. Oh I mean, those 2017 National Championship UCF Knights***

Boom. There you go CFB committee just did your job for you and did it better. You’re welcome. Have a great thanksgiving people and to all the young bucks out there. Be safe tonight and good luck hitting on your old high school crush.

*** They didn’t win and no one likes them for acting like little whiny bitches about the whole thing. Life’s tough, get a helmet UCF.

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