Week 12 Power Rankings

I watched a lot of football over the past five days. There are some really, really good teams in this league, and some really, really bad teams in this league.

So, after a historic Monday Night Football shootout capped off a wild week 11, who’s up and who’s down?

Here’s the official power rankings heading into Thanksgiving.

1.New Orleans Saints ↔️

Oh when the Saints go marching in oh when the SAINTS go marching in. Drew Brees is incredible. The road to the Super Bowl goes through NOLA.

2. LA Rams ⬆️ (up from 3)

Last night was damn impressive. Goff was incredible and resilient. Look forward to the rematch against the Saints in January.

3. KC Chiefs ⬇️ (down from 2)

Imagine turning it over 5 times and still scoring 51. Mahomes to Hill is lethal, and if Kelce could catch they would be at numero dos. Sorry México, you missed a good one.

4. Pittsburgh Steelers ⬆️ (up from 5)

Underrated victory in what I thought was a trap game. 6 in a row for the Steel Curtain. It would be awesome if they had LeVeon cause they might be able to contend with the Chiefs.

5. Chicago Bears ⬆️ (up from 6)

Does anyone know why the Raiders traded Mack? This dude has single-handily taken the  Bears past their over 6.5 total win projection… already. Enjoy your turkey and beat-down of the Lions on Thursday, Bears fans. This team is fun and could make a run come playoff time.

6. New England Patriots ⬆️ (up from 7)

Bye week. Not much else to say. I can give you a stone cold guarantee that they will not win the Super Bowl. No chance.

7. LA Chargers ⬇️ (down from 4)

Tough loss against a divisional opponent but they will bounce back.

8. Houston Texans ⬆️ (up from 10)

Deandre Hopkins is really good at football and their defense should keep them in every game they play…. but their coach is still a dud.

9. Minnesota Vikings ⬇️ (down from 8)

Like I said last week….”Kirk Cousins will do exactly what it takes to hover around the 8-15 spot. Mediocre QB for a mediocre team who I think MISSES the playoffs.” Kirk and the SKOL nation are trending down.

10. Carolina Panthers ⬇️ (down from 9)

Good at home, trash on the road (should be winless). Luckily they do have one road win when Jim Schwartz played prevent for an entire quarter. Big game this week against Seattle, and dare I say a must win for both teams.

11. Seattle Seahawks ⬆️ (unranked last week)

After the Packers came out and scored off the turnover, I was ready to put a nail in the coffin for Seattle but DangeRussWilson had other plans and kept their season alive.

12. Baltimore Ravens ⬆️ (unranked last week)

Ravens control their own destiny much like many teams at this point in the season. I do believe Harbaugh and the Ravens defense will continue on the winning path and be a playoff team when it’s all said and done.

On The Bubble

Green Bay Packers

Tough road stretch coming to an end Sunday night in Minnesota. If Rodgers can win that game, which he likely will, it will be the packers first win on the road this season. Also puts them right back in the mix.

Dallas Cowboys

Yes, I know they are not even winning their division and the Redskins are not on this list, but with Alex Smith down the NFC East is completely there for Dallas to take. Will Dak do what elite quarterbacks do and grab this division by the nuts or will he crumble in typical Cowboy fashion.

Indianapolis Colts

As an Eagles fan who is going to puke if I have to continue watching Wentz and Doug shit the bed, all I’m going to say is we miss you Frank Reich. Andrew Luck and the Colts are trending up.

Philadelphia Eagles 

WHAT?!?!?!?! Yes. Eagles. If you know the Eagles are going to win the NFC East, which I know they are, then they have to be on the bubble. This division sucks. 8-8 and feeling great!

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