The OFFICIAL Way To Early, Don’t Even Look, Why Bother Checking, NBA Eastern Conference Playoff Outlook

It’s time to look at the way to early why even bother, nothing matters yet playoff picture in the NBA.  The main reason I’m starting it now is because I want to see how thing’s start to change and look month to month and week to week.  I think it’ll be cool to see and how right my predictions are and how they remain correct over the next few months.  Let’s see where we’re at.


  1. Toronto Raptors (13-4)
  2. Milwaukee Bucks (12-4)
  3. Indiana Pacers (11-6)
  4. Philadelphia 76ers (12-7)
  5. Detroit Pistons (8-6)
  6. Orlando Magic (9-8)
  7. Boston Celtics (9-8)
  8. Charlotte Hornets (8-8)

Let’s start with the top 4 teams here.  I don’t think the one seed is going to change.  I think the Raptors are going to ride that out and take that to the end of the season.  They may switch spots with the Sixers and Bucks every now and then but I truly don’t think it’ll change.  After them I think the Bucks and Sixers will continue to fight for that 2nd spot with the Pacers slightly behind.  I think the Pacers are a very good team and a scary team at that with ‘Dipo but I don’t see them beating the Sixers or Bucks out.

You’re going to ask me about Boston.  How can I leave out Boston?  It’s only been 17 games is that a good enough sample size?  Well yeah with the current team yeah it’s big enough.  Now I’m not a hater Boston is going to get hot and end up competing for a top 4 seed but right now I’m not giving them that credit, they don’t deserve it.  They lost to Utah and the Kemba Hornets back to back, my team would never do that.  In fact my team would win both of those games.  Great win vs Toronto the other night though… If we could only go back and live off that game though.

The top 5 seeds are going to be exciting to watch for the remainder of the season.  You have five teams that I believe can go to the finals.  Can any of them beat Golden State?  Probably not but, thanks to the addition of Jimmy Butler with the Sixers you don’t really know who is going to play them.  Anything is possible in the East this year.

After the top 4 we have the Pistons and Magic.  The Magic are a big surprise team for me right now.  I think it’s one of this teams you always expect to be a joke, but they’ve played everyone tough.  They’re over .500 and even spoiled Jimmy Butler debut night for the Sixers after a 16 point 4th quarter comeback.  Usually I would say they’ll probably fall off and we’ll forget about them but outside of the top 8 teams everyone is really bad.  You have a 7-10 Brooklyn and a 6-10 Miami.  Orlando should be able to say in the picture.  The Pistons with a full season of Blake Griffin have been an on and off team.  Lose three in a row, win five in a row, lose five in a row win 2 in a row lose again and win 2 in a row.  They have yet to show a consistent team that will compete for an ECF but I expect to see them stay in the playoff picture and scare a few teams when it get’s close.

Lastly, the 8 seed Hornets.  As I like to call them the Kemba Hornets.  The Hornets as a team are not great but Kemba Walker is a fucking BOSS.  The guy beat the Celtics by himself last night and he made sure to let you know about it.  He scored 60 against the Sixers and the rest of the team put up 59!  If not for a beautiful three from James Butler that game could have ended in 70 for Kemba and a win.  Can he keep this up all year?  I don’t know but it’ll be great to watch and because of him I think they’ll be able to stick around and make the playoffs.

Final Seed Prediction As Of Today 11/20/18

  1. Toronto Raptors
  2. Philadelphia Sixers
  3. Milwaukee Bucks
  4. Boston Celtics
  5. Indiana Pacers
  6. Detroit Pistons
  7. Charlotte Hornets
  8. Orlando Magic
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