The Bruins Practice Tuesday Could Not Have Been More Depressing

The Bruins were in Detroit Tuesday prior to their original six match-up with the Red Wings Wednesday. I try to be a positive guy when it comes to my teams. It’s hard not to be in Boston with all the success, despite the media being one of the more cynical in sports. But even I’m struggling to see how the Bruins are going to make the playoffs if they’re hosting what looks like a Providence Bruins practice towards the end of November.

Cave?! Who or what the fuck is Cave and why is he just roaming around the ice? This looks like the game one of preseason lineup. What’s really concerning is the Bruins are far from being healthy after Tuesday’s update on Bergeron.

Don’t worry, I googled it for you. Sternoclavicular injury is a joint injury in your shoulder. It hasn’t been specified to what extent either the ribs or shoulder are injured, but the fact that it will be a month before Bergeron is even evaluated is utterly terrifying. I would like it to be known that Bergeron returned to the game that he suffered the injuries in. True hockey guy.

This is of course on the heels of Chara’s injury that will keep him out an extended period of time.

I don’t remember such a banged up team at any point in a season, never mind on a couple months in. The injury bug is striking like the plague and none of them have been minor.

McAvoy, who was yet another example of an early long-term Bruins injury, has been progressing in his rehab as he continues to practice and has traveled with the team to Detroit.

The faster he progresses, the better, but that won’t fix their struggles in their own end. I don’t know if anything aside from getting healthy will because there is a whole heap of shitty injuries to key players on the Bruins aside from the top dogs mentioned.

Screen Shot 2018-11-20 at 2.53.14 PM.png

Image via Hockey-Reference

The only silver lining to that list is that Kevan Miller is returning Wednesday night, which will help in their own end, but is one of least exciting players on that list.

Things are not looking up for the Bruins and I’m officially hitting the panic button on this season. There’s too many signs not to.

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