Markelle Fultz News Breakdown

If you haven’t heard, Markelle Fultz is planning to sit out indefinitely at the advice of his attorney and see his own ‘Shoulder Specialist’ in New York City per David Aldridge of The Athletic.

This confirms for me 2 things:

1. Markelle Fultz had a non Basketball injury that has plagued his very short playing career. With rumors of a Motorcycle accident, I would believe this to be the case. I’m no medical professional, even though I pretend to be one on twitter for the lols, But I do know sports injuries. I especially know shoulder injuries since I’ve had my fair share. This looks like a classic separated shoulder. Unlike a dislocation, a separation can permanently impede your shoulders movement upwards. I’ve separated both my shoulders and despite therapy I no longer have that sweet old white guy stroke Embiid talks about. In the pictures below and many others taken around the time of the alleged incident, you see a large dip in the right shoulder. The tweet below by John Clarke, seems to confirm this hunch. As you can see they are trying to see how high his shoulder can go and by the look on his face, it don’t look like there’s much higher it will go. This would make sense when we see the terrible form he suddenly has developed on his stroke. When you separate your shoulder the touchdown arms motion becomes Impossible due to the AC Joint. Again, This is all speculation and again I’m no doctor.

2. This wreaks of the Sixers being tired of this situation and they’re looking to recoup parts of his contract or void future payments. Fultz has hired an attorney to protect himself and his assets.

Who loses in this situation? The process trustees who were had by Fultz and the Colangelos. Thank god for Simmons, Embiid and JB.

Be the judge:

(Separated Shoulder)

Markelle Fultz

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