JJ Got Two Bloody Noses, Embiid Still Looks Like An MVP And More

Last night’s Sixers game had a lot of action and some interesting storylines. Let’s break it on down shall we.

JJ Redick with the rare 17 pts, 4 rbs, 3 ast, and 2 bloody noses line. Bloody face or night, didn’t seem to slow JJ down.

That Jimmy Butler fella is pretty good huh? Looking more and more comfortable each game.

Also after the game there was this, I’m not crying you’re crying moment with AI.

The torch has been passed, it’s confirmed, Butler is resigning. Who shouldn’t ever resign, Fultz. Yeah mark me down as a hater.

No minutes in the second half and only seven minutes total. That’s not what we would call good for a first overall pick. TJ got two more minutes than Fultz. Might be all she wrote for the young fella.

Lastly Embiid is a monster. 33 points and 17 boards, are you serious? Give him the MVP award already.

He did miss this dunk though costing Simmons the assist he needed to lock up another triple double.

9-0 at home. They’re never losing at Wells Fargo ever again. Yo Toronto, hear those footsteps?


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