Jimmy G Is Giving No More Than Just The Tip


There was no way I was going to let an opportunity to make a just the tip joke in the headline of a blog, so it’s good that Jimmy G is keeping himself in the spotlight.

I have been out on Jimmy G for a while now, even though I was always team Brady.

But nothing dries up the female population more than a bad tipper.

Image: TerezOwens.com

Now, unlike most people on the internet these days, I spent some time thinking about it before rushing to a dramatic opinion. These 3 receipts are within an hour of each other, on a Saturday night. If you’re buying many rounds of just drinks, you don’t need to tip exactly 20% every time. A $134 bill that’s filled with bottles of Bud Light for you and all your friends is a little different than a $134 fancy dinner with a $5 tip. I don’t care if you’re Bill Gates, you don’t need to give 20%+ tip for less than 20% service.

But I always learned that when reviewing information to get an informed conclusion, you need at least 2 sources to make a trend. So when Playboy model Kindly Myers co-signed this random girls sign, I decided they were both right.

Image: SportsGossip.com

PS Jimmy G has made me much more aware of the sex media landscape. I’ve learned one porn star name and that’s more than I can say I knew before him.

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