Florida Man Has Sex With A Mini Horse 4 Times

6 ABCA 21-year-old man from central Florida admitted to having sex with a relative’s miniature horse when he was seen engaged in the act in a pasture, authorities say.

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office took 21-year-old Nicholas Anthony Sardo into custody on Monday in connection with the acts that allegedly took place in October.

According to the sheriff’s office, a witness came forward and reported seeing Sardo engaged in the sexual act in a pasture with a male miniature horse named Jackie G., who belongs to one of the suspect’s relatives.

The witness confronted Sardo about what happened and he admitted to the act, the sheriff’s office said. Sardo also allegedly admitted to a detective about what happened, adding that he had sex with Jackie G. at least four times in a week.

The sheriff’s office stated Sardo insisted that he wore a condom each time because “he didn’t want to get a disease.” He also allegedly told a detective “he knew he was wrong for what he did” and that “he was a sick man.”

Sardo was charged with four counts of bestiality/sexual contact with an animal.

The sheriff’s office did not specify whether the miniature horse sustained any injuries.

I’m not surprised at this. Weird shit happens all the time in Florida. A man having sex with a mini horse is probably a normal Tuesday for Florida. Throw a rock in a crowd of Floridians, you’re bound to hit someone who banged a horse, or at least jerked one off.

But this guy picked a mini horse. Picking a mini horse makes sense, I’m sure it made Nicholas feel bigger having sex with it. A normal size horse would put him to shame.

Doing the deed in the middle of the pasture is a ballsy move (not like having sex with a mini horse isn’t). You’re just asking to be caught if you’re banging in the middle of the pasture and not in a barn. Hey everyone! Look what I’m doing to Jackie G!

The witness is probably scared for life. No coming back from watching a grown man fuck a mini horse. All the Jack Daniels in the world can’t erase that memory. The Kentucky Derby will never be the same for that man. Every year he watches the race, it’ll take him back to Nicholas thrusting into poor Jackie G.

Nevermind the witness, Jackie G is the only victim here. Just look at that face. Nothing but shame behind those eyes. Hey could have been worse for Nicholas he could have had sex with Jackie Stallone. 

  OR…Jackie Chen 

Me personally I would have picked Jackie from That 70’s show. 

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White dude
White dude
November 20, 2018 10:45 pm

Jackie from that 70’s show could gobble on my dick