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This Is The Most Embarrassing Thing An Eagles Fan Has Ever Done

Yup you read that right. What you’re about to see is the single most embarrassing thing these eyes have ever witnessed as a Philadelphia sports fan. Remember the kid that ate horse shit after the Super Bowl? That was child’s play compared to this cringeworthy video. Watch with caution.


It’s currently still the first quarter of the Eagles Saints game, New Orleans is up 3-0. I’m not going to update this at all. So by the time you read this Philly will have lost to the Saints by 30. It will all be because of this video. This man has ruined the Eagles 2018 season due to this disgusting display. I think I’m just going to rewatch last year’s Super Bowl every Sunday until next season. I’m broken.

Ps. If you know this man or you are this man please DM us. We’re not going to hurt you I promise, just going to strap you to a rocket and send you on out to orbit


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