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Is This Image The Base Test For Men Who Grew Up In The Internet Age?

Last night I found myself in a debate with my buddies over how you know someone grew up in the internet age.  By that I mean what is the baseline test for growing up when the internet became big.  Is it mini clip games?  Is it ebaums world?  Is it pain olympics or 2 girls one cup?  No!  I believe it all comes from this one image, this homemade porn from Naughty Allie.  I’m pretty sure it is every man’s original porn.  It has to be.  I can still remember the first time I saw it and was flabbergasted!  This hot blonde is just doing this on the phone?  Is this what marriage is?  Where can I find girls like this?  Young 13-year-old Ru had so many questions that I needed answers too.  Let’s take another look at it just for some old times sake.

Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 9.41.34 AM

Every time I look at it I know exactly what it’s from, who it’s from and where I was the first time I discovered Naughty Allie.  Those were the days of growing up on the internet.

P.S. Remember the times of pre-internet porn?  First it was Howard Stern on the E channel (Channel 48 for me) and you’d watch with the hookers and porn stars boobs blurred out.  You would stay up real late usually 12am and watch trying to get a peek of boob.  After that it was girls gone wild promos at 2am.  You always thought they might mess up and show a girl or the bar that was blocking it might move for a second so you could see.  Lastly was real sex and Cathouse.  Every Thursday night at 11pm on HBO.  You would have the volume down real low, like level 3 or 4 and watch.  Sometimes you would get lucky and if it was a gross episode of Real Sex, which it usually was, Cathouse would be on at 11:30.  We didn’t have a guide at this time so there was no way of knowing.  Afterwords Sunset Thomas and Air Force Amy would take you away into a world that your 10-year-old brain should never have been allowed to be in.  Kid’s today they don’t know what that was like.  Couldn’t fast forward through the bad, couldn’t go back to a good part you had to time things up perfectly.  Those were the days boys and girls.  We shall never forget where we came from.  My son is going to have the access I never had as a young boy, and that is terrifying.


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Let me wobble back to my corner, Joe Pa knew.

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