Describe the Perfect Weekend..

Kmess 1

As you all know by now I am the ultimate “That Guy” and damn proud of it.

Go Yanks!

Go Irish!

Go Cowboys!

And… I also live deep in enemy Eagles territory so my life has been a struggle since February.

However my Notre Dame Fighting Irish are having a very special season. Going into Sat at 10-0 sitting at #3 in the county.

And where were they playing Syracuse? YANKEE STADIUM!

And who was there…

This.. “That Guy”

I got to chant LETS GO IRISH.. At my favorite Yankees Bar, Stan’s!

I got to see my Irish run out of the Yankees Dugout onto the field. I mean. Come on!

I got to sit in a Yankee Stadium Suite with the voices of the Yankees, John Sterling and Micheal Kay!

I saw my Irish dominate Syracuse in pinstripes in Yankee Stadium!

And I got to hear “Notre Dame Our Mother” played from the Yankee Stadium Bleachers after an Irish win!

And that was just Saturday.

Enter Sunday…

The Dallas Cowboys are dead right? Wrong. Just like the Undertaker rising out of a coffin… The Boys are BACK BABY!

They beat the Falcons on the road to win 2 in a row and sit in perfect position, only one back of the Skins for the division lead. And will face them Thursday!

THEN… The “World Champs” didn’t even show up in New Orleans and lost a Billion to 7!

And… That lone touchdown was one of my favorite former Notre Dame Players… Josh Adams scoring his first NFL TD.

Describe my perfect sports weekend…

Irish win at Yankee Stadium & I’m there βœ…

Cowboys win a thriller βœ…

Eagles lose by a billion and are 4-6 βœ…

Happy Monday everyone!

-Kmess “That Guy”

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bless petro
November 19, 2018 4:16 pm

Its real perfect.

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