Tinder and Bumble Chronicles

Your favorite weekly blog is back, let’s jump right into this week’s Tinder and Bumble Chronicles


Weird flex Clarissa but I guess that explains it all. (Really good 90’s joke there) 



RIP Ethan



Seems legit



If she’s a family guy fan 1000000000% this dude gets a date



They are getting married, book it.



A lot here but April, sweetie, you understand 30k is not much money at all right? Get those standards up girl



I’m more of a Burger King guy myself



You date Bliss, Rachel and Amanda but you marry Emily



Bryce has ROCKETS!!


Doing God’s work



Under promise and over deliver



When you’re ugly and get in over your head



I think you’re looking for the Facebook app



I assume this worked, had to






Jessica is too nice for this app or world really



Nerd jokes, amirite?



That’s a swipe right






That took a hard left turn out of no where



God’s speed 



Booty a 10, morals a 3


Safe swiping people

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Green machine
Green machine
November 16, 2018 7:49 pm

Barstool getting rid of this was such a bad move